Muay thai! 💪😰 (at F.I.S.T. Gym)

Flaws are okay, xx 💕

Im terrible

I feel bad whenever I see photos of my batch-mates having the best job in their life, loving their work as if they were not working. I’m happy for them of course, I should be, but I cant help also not to feel insecure because I know for myself that I wont have the same fate as they are having right now. Maybe it could change if I work hard just in a different way, but it would be harder path I presume. Hay to be really honest, never in my life whenever thinking about my height that Id wish that I have even at least 3” or 2 and half added more to it. Gah whatever, I should probably go back to counting sheep and try to avoid and not think about it, it does makes me really sad, I think I’m becoming pessimist ya kno.


I would liked to share what i’m currently doing at the moment while the next game is loading! I’m playing league of legends with four of friends, we decided to have a team yordle for this one! Haha (Yordles are the little champions in the game) We kind of dominate the game as you see in the end stats of course! Haha 


Quezon province for 2014

I believe every summer each family have its own way of spending their vacation well with us we usually go for a swim on either beach or pool. And just this month we went at Quezon province, which was our neighbor’s hometown. They invited our family to have a vacation on an island which was near their place in Quezon but also they wanted my papa to see their fishpond to actually sell it to him for a million bucks, but lol of course my father wouldn’t afford, instead as far as I know he rented a fishpond one or two for five years (caretakers and owners of those dont rent them for a year alone, five was the minimum ig) well so much for that. We stayed in Pulo for two days only because my papa have to be back home and help my brother in building cases which they always do for business. 


That was my papa minding his fishing nets, he likes catching fish whenever its possible when we go out of town. 



And these two are my sister, dane & jaya. Whose scrubbing the sands in their skins. There was once a old man in Subic that thought us in scrubbing the sea sands on your body to exfoliate or something. I didn’t believe it because I haven’t read anything that testify it but its fun playing in the sands with them. Although it wasn’t white sand the sea water was clear & you can peek at your feet while dipping in the water, also in the morning the tiny fishes are really visible. 


  • Currently, im waiting for the game to load (league) and in between im tweaking my site, writing a random shit for tonight. Im still pissed at my brother’s girlfriend who bitched talk me infront of my dad just earlier, she mentioned & ranted why I was not working and also said in front of papa and me “I feel sorry for you, pa” My dad was just laughing about it, he never (even my mom) stressed me out on what I am supposed to do after college. Right at that moment instead of saying back at her I opened my wechat and burst out my feelings to a friend. She’s a shit
  • I’m looking at my feet and nails while thinking of what I should type in here, and realized I need pamperrrrrrr me time
  • My body clock just this week is pretty messed up, Ive been staying til morning playing with two or more friends league of legends. (My IGN Awsmflakes if ya wanna play with me tho) Haha



The above photo sums up my spontaneous weekend with my highschool friends. Zahra (That lady in last photo) and I didn’t planned any of it, were both bored staying in our houses that made us decided to watch Spiderman together. Then came the meeting of Zahra’s client while waiting for movie. 

While we’re watching the movie our other friends are texting us & planning on going anywhere in timog for booze and chill. Inside the movie hall we were seated at right far end, that’s the best we could get at that time because its weekend, middle seats are occupied. AND let me tell you one thing ITS NOT WORTH IT, MEH. I’d never settle again for any seats on both ends, it’s very uncomfortable while youre watching a good movie. (I’m retrieving my forfeited sureseats account!)

After the movie we head straight home to meet our highschool friends in Zahs house then went around Timog to drink and chill. We settled at Quatro with a tower of Wangwang, right after it we decided to continue drinking at Pau’s condo which was named Casa Verde as far as I remember. We also dropped by Behrouz to buy chicken kabab which they recommend. It was I think around 5AM when I decided to ditch them and hit the sheets. Haha then head home before lunch.

My posts are narrowed back to 100ish!

Well, I deleted recent posts from my instagram account, some reblog photos and text that I made way way back! (Thank you megaeditor!) I’m thinking of blogging everything that will happen in my life when I am bored. This will be the pot of my rants, hatred and likes in living, no one is checking this blog anyway so i’m freeeeeeeeeeee, im freeee. let it gooo urgh corny!


Anonymous asked: in a truthful manner h0w wud u want ur bf to be? and who among ur ex's u regret the most of having a relationship w/?

I think this question came from someone I knowwwwww. Well whatever even so I’ll try to answer you truthfully then :) How would I want my boyfriend to be? Hmmm. I don’t know HAHA It took me a lot of minutes to think and yet I still don’t know what to say! I’ll pass this since I’m too lazy to type, Sorry! ;) But I would want to do a lot of things with my Future boyfriend (Have fun, travel & just be alone with him anywhere) And among my ex’s (In all honesty) I think the one I had on high school, his name’s Pao. I’m not being bitter about him, it is just that everything was really a mess, our relationship wasn’t healthy for both of us especially for me. He was a mistake, we were a mistake. That was I think one of the darkest moments in my life in high school. But he’s a nice guy, a good friend. 

Anonymous asked: what does awesomeflakes mean? also do you make $ with your blog using peepspayerDOTcom?

Hi, I can’t remember exactly how I came up with AWESOMEFLAKES, it’s actually my character name from ragnarok that I made up couple of years ago. I kind of just mixed words and voila